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Active chlorine-based detergent-J5650

WORK-HYGIEN CL is an active chlorine-based detergent. Chlorine has a strong oxidizing effect, sanitizing the treated surfaces. It is ideal to clean up hard surfaces, sinks, health service, workbenches and e refreshment areas; it has a good sanitizing action with whitening effect. 
 HOW TO USE: For better performances, WORK- HYGIEN CL can be diluted in water from 10%. It can be sprayed, used on surfaces and areas, or in combo with machines for industrial cleaning (as high-pressure washers) Read the Safety Data Sheet about DPI you have to wear while using the product. 
 APPLICATIONS: WORK-HYGIEN products can be used to sanitize hard surfaces, sinks, health service, workbenches, refreshment areas; offices, indoor environments, locker rooms, industrial plants and areas. 
 NOTICE: WORK-HYGIEN CL contains active chlorine that can ruin clothes or damage some metals if used in high concentrations. Please ask support to our technicians to verify how to use, timing and cautions, before using this product.
Product specificaties
Quantity lt 5
Appearance Incolore
pH 12,4